“Silence Please” mixtape for the Kraftfuttermischwerk blog
(Dec 2019)

One hour of lush soundscapes, cosmic jazz and synth acrobatics for domestic consumption ? .

disrupt live at Meakusma Festival

(Eupen / Belgium, 7. Sept 2019)

Full 1 hr Zonedog set, captured by URSSS.com, with Tapes joining in at the FX later on – my favourite afternoon of 2019! 

Mix for Meakusma at We Are Various Radio
(July 2019)

(almost) 2 hours of psychdelic Library, trippy Hiphop instrumentals, Soundtracks and cosmic Dub oddities.

Curd Duca – Elevator mixtape
(Sept 2019)

Electro-acoustic mood music! Best-of mix from Curd Duca’s three LPs on Mille Plateux (1998 – 2000).

disrupt – The Amazing Nitrous Oxide mixtape
(Okt 2019)

One hour of cosmic library crackers from the late 1970s…